Mrs. Jan Zimmer, Kindergarten


I have been at St. Cecilia Elementary for seven years and have proudly taught Kindergarten during that time. I also have experience teaching first grade in a public school system in Omaha, and taught in that grade level for six years. I earned my BS in Elementary Education at the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 2004, and have been teaching ever since.

In 2015, I was awarded the St. Cecilia Dora Gommerman teacher of the year. It was very humbling to receive and accept that award. 

I have two children, both who attended St. Cecilia Elementary kindergarten through eighth grade. It was such a wonderful experience for both of them, and  laid a great foundation for the rest of their educational experiences. 

The best part about being a part of the St. Cecilia family is the support from both families and coworkers. The sense of community and family is like none other. I am so honored and thrilled to be a part of it. 

Classroom News

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If you would like to contact me regarding questions or concerns please do not hesitate. You can reach me by email:, or through your sycamore account using Pass-A-Notes.


This month in religion we will be learning about the season of Advent. We have a daily Advent booklet, that includes an reading and an activity that goes along with the reading. We also made Advent wreaths and will light a new candle each week, as well as attend the weekly Advent prayer service on Monday mornings. We do attend weekly Mass with the school in Kindergarten every Friday. The students should be in full uniform for Mass, which includes a uniform sweater. The Mass behavior continues to be wonderful!

Our science skill is always done in a center setting and is hands on. The first standard we cover is the earth. We have done a scavenger hunt to look for things that come from the earth and things that do not. Now we have our container of dirt and they can dig, find and sort the items they found. They love this!

Thanks so much!

In math, we finished our chapter on position words last week, and they all did very well on the chapter test. I see that they can still work on right/left, but that will come with more practice. 

We will begin our chapter on numbers 0-10 this week. This chapter's skills include comparing numbers, by deciding which group has fewer, more, and a group that has as many objects as another. Again, this should be a quick chapter and it is usually an easy one for them to grasp.  

This week in reading our theme this week will weather. The comprehension skill will be drawing conclusions. We now have 2 sight words each week. This week our words will be: with and my. Our phonics focus will continue to be blending 3 sounds and listening for the final sound in a word. Grammar for the week will be to identify the parts of speech. This week is to identify the verbs.  Our letter for the week is E. Please bring show and tell on Friday with the letter E. 


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