School News

Children's Scholarship Fund Application Open Feb. 11 - May 3, 2019

Families that meet the financial guidelines may apply to Children’s Scholarship Fund of Omaha. To view the guidelines for 2019 - 2020 click here. CSF’s application period is Feb. 11 - May 3, 2020. You will find the link to submit your application online here: CSF FAQ’s. All income sources for your household are reported on your application. Families are notified by CSF whether or not their child is a scholarship recipient for the upcoming school year. For further information (including help date sessions), please click here or go to the CSF website. Please contact the CSF office if you have any questions at 402-819-4990.

Giving Tuesday!

This year’s #GivingTuesday proceeds will be designated to the purchase of equipment and software for the planned STEAM Lab/Media Center at Saint Cecilia Cathedral School. We want our children to be the best prepared students in Omaha to achieve great things in high school and beyond.

Our goal is to raise $25,000 to get the program off and running. Our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) & Media Center will give them experience and enable them to excel.

Click here to donate!

Take Your Parent to PE Week is Sept. 26-28

September 26-28, 2018 Active Schools, a national movement to help schools provide at least 60 minutes a day of physical education (PE) and before, during and after school for physical activity for all students, is sponsoring Take Your Parent to PE Week from September 26-28, 2018.

What is the purpose? To introduce your school’s PE program and teachers to parents so they will engage with PE throughout the year. And, to encourage families to be physically active together at home and in the community.

How can parents participate? By showing up for your child’s regularly scheduled physical education class on one of the days in which the school is participating in Take Your Parent to PE Week (PE schedule below).

What should parents do? 1. Attend your child’s regularly scheduled PE time on September 26, 27, or 28. 2. Come ready to move! You will be participating in class! 3. Learn how you can support PE both at school and home. For example, by asking what your child learned in PE class that day/week, being active together at home, and exploring community-based physical activity opportunities. 4. At the end of class, Tweet about your experience using the hashtag #ParentsLovePE.

Wednesday, Sept 26 8:30-9:40 8th (Jow) 9:15-9:55 7th (Fangman) 10:00-10:40 6th (West) 11:00-11:30 3rd (Heimerman) 12:30-1:00 4th (Mateljan) 1:00-1:30 5th (Jones) 1:30-2:00 2nd (Humpal) 2:10-2:35 1st (Bohaty) 2:35-3:00 1st (Neuman)

Thursday, Sept 27 8:30-9:40 8th (Garcia) 9:15-9:55 7th (Petersen) 10:00-10:40 6th (Bender) 12:30-1:00 4th (Mateljan) 1:00-1:30 5th (Lyons) 1:30-2:00 2nd (Pistek) 2:10-2:35 K (Zimmer) 2:35-3:00 K (Niederee)

Friday, Sept 28 9:00-9:20 PreK (am) 9:30-10:00 2nd (Humpal) 10:30-11:00 2nd (Pistek) 1:00-1:20 PreK (pm) 1:30-2:00 3rd (Heimerman) 2:30-3:00 3rd (Primavera)