Middle School

Grades 6 - 8

The Middle School curriculum consists of an eight-period day (the last period usually a study hall), which includes the following daily: 

  • Religion (including preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation, received in 8th grade) 

  • Literature/Composition (including vocabulary and grammar) 

  • Mathematics (including Math, Pre-algebra, Algebra, Honors Algebra) 

  • Science 

  • Social Studies (6th, World History; 7th, World Geography/Cultures; 8th, U.S. History) 

  • Spanish 

  • Physical Education twice weekly 

  • Art, Music, Library/Media once a week 

In addition, middle school students have access to technology in the computer lab one and a half days weekly, as well as access to Chromebooks or iPads almost daily. 

6th and 7th graders present Science Assessment projects or Science Fair and 8th graders present History Day projects to the school and parish community yearly.  8th graders also go to the District Level National History Day competition.  6th and 8th graders participate in the Woodmen of the World School Speech Contest yearly. 

In alternate years, interested students may take a 3-day trip to Washington, D.C. 

Field trips throughout the year may include Creativity Workshop at Joslyn Art Museum (7th grade), a Halloween bowling party or skating party, local dramatic performances (recent trips have included a play at Duchesne, a musical at Marian, a performance of A Christmas Carol at Joslyn Castle), and others. 

Every grade participates in an annual service project.


Extracurricular opportunities include: 

  • Math Club 

  • Roots & Shoots Club 

  • Robotics Club 

  • Archdiocesan YouthChoir 

  • Band 

  • Operetta 

  • Competitions in math, science, history, speech, art, music, robotics, chess 

  • Sports include soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, and track