Miss Danielle Jow, 8th Grade


It is a true blessing to begin my teaching career at St. Cecilia’s. I attended and graduated from Marquette University with my BA in Theology. I am currently a graduate student at Creighton University and a member of their Magis Catholic Teacher Corps program, where I will be earning my MA in Secondary Education in May of 2019.

In light of faith, I want to encourage students to think deeply about the world they live in and how their faith and vocation play a role. I believe that teaching students what they need to know for life, rooted in the Catholic faith and values, is the purpose for a successful, holistic, and transformative education. We are all made in the image and likeness of God; all of us are beloved sons and daughters of Christ. In Christ, we are called, chosen, and destined for a purpose. I desire to help each student find and develop their gifts, so that they may become the hands and feet of Christ on earth. I pray that my students apply what they learn in the classroom to themselves—to be the difference in this world because of their faith. I pray that I may lead by example and reach all people, call seekers, form believers, and send disciples.


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